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         Advancement in the 21st century is revolutionizing medicine to be more precise and clinically tailored for individual patients. While we are equipped with more efficient drugs, choosing the right drug choice for a specific subgroup of patients is still an active area of research. In the past few years, more reports have shown that ethnicity contributes significantly towards the heterogeneous drug response. Understanding how the genetic backgrounds are associated with commonly observed variability in therapeutic sensitivity will help fulfill this critical research gap.


        Systems Pharmacology is a new discipline that is gaining attentions in the international research community. Focusing on quantitative reasoning and the investigation of drug mechanisms from the cellular level upto the population level, Systems Pharmacology helps advance drug discovery and development in a network-centric fashion. Realizing the potentials of this new research paradigm, the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, as a leading medical research institute in Thailand, has launched a new research program called the Siriraj Initiative in Systems Pharmacology (SiSP) in 2015 to fulfill this research need. Led by two young pioneers, Dr.Somponnat Sampattavanich and Dr.Siwanon Jirawatnotai both ex-Bostonian researchers, SiSP is designed from its start to be a multidisciplinary, collaborative and resourceful incubator for talented Thai scientists. SiSP has three major missions, 

  1. to improve the quality of Thai public healthcare via systems-based investigation
  2. to create omics database that can lay down foundation for heterogeneous drug response in Thai populations
  3. to advance technology for improving drug discovery and development.